‘Where will you be in five years time?’

This is the kind of question that is asked all around the world, it’s meant to incite the respondent to consider their future in the long-term and help give them insight into where they might be heading, although it can more often than not it can lead to a soul-crushing mind-blank.

Writers around the internet acknowledge that your twenties are the most difficult period of your life, there are literally hundreds of blogs all offering differing opinions on how to tackle this awkward time, when you’re set loose on the world with a handful of qualifications (if you’re lucky) and all the time you like to make the world you oyster if you know how.

Unfortunately, there is no simple ‘hack’ to finding your way through this bewildering time, however there are a few things that you can do to point yourself in a direction.

I say ‘a direction’ rather than ‘the right direction’ because it is so difficult to recommend a course of action to anyone who’s feeling a little lost. In truth only that person will know what direction is right for them will be you, and it’s unlikely that you’ll find an answer on the internet that will give you a meaningful purpose in life because that’s an answer that the human race has been trying to get to the bottom of for their existence.

All I can do is offer a few tips, hints really on how to focus your mind and put yourself in a good place to make the right calls when the time comes to it:

Get your sleep!

Your mind works at its best when you’re getting a good night’s sleep on a regular basis. It can be tempting to make the most of your evenings and stay up late to make the most of your days, but if you’re cutting into your sleep time then your well-being will be likely to take a hit. Regular good sleep resets your brain, boost your immune system and puts you in the best position to hit the day with a smile on your face.

Avoid drinking regularly

Following on from the last point, drinking regularly is likely to have a serious impact on the quality of your sleep, it’s also expensive and can lead to wasted time. Whilst drinking in a social setting certainly has its benefits, regular heavy drinking is best avoided if you feel like your future is a little uncertain. You won’t find your answers at the bottom of a bottle and heavy drinking rarely leads to good decision making.

ABS: Always Be Saving (Money)

Whilst avoiding regular drinking is a good way of saving money, you can go the extra mile by taking those savings and putting them somewhere that you can’t touch them like an ISA. Regardless of how much money you’re earning, you should always be able to afford to put a little money, whether it’s for a rainy day or for a bigger investment in the future you’ll feel like you’re making progress when you’re saving money each month.

Make plans, then stick to them

Finally, making a plan is the first step to taking affirmative action in your life. Whether you’re writing a ‘To Do list’, making a plan for the year to come or laying out a schedule for the week – make your plan and then stick to it. By accomplishing tasks on a daily basis you can build on your achievement and push towards bigger, better goals.